came about because of the lack of a centralised resource for actors, directors or producers in the Brighton & Hove area. We’re currently expanding to take in all of Sussex.

Because we’re volunteer-run, and supported only by ZLS Creative (a trading name of Brighton-based actor Guy Wah), we have limited resources to maintain the site and research new resources. For this reason, if you know of a resource that would be useful to other actors, directors or producers, please let us know so that we can share it with others!

The site

In our eagerness to get a useful website off the ground and ready for action, we’ve skimped on things like fancy graphics for the time-being. We’re focussing our limited resources on getting the content right, and we hope to develop the site as we go along. This might mean that the site is a little text-heavy to start off with, but hopefully you’ll be able to see past that and utilise all the wonderful information that we have gathered!


We’re currently transitioning from to, so we cover all of East and West Sussex. To keep things manageable we won’t list anything from anyone based outside of Sussex. The only exception to this is if you have a permanent base in Sussex as well as elsewhere, and your website clearly states this. Unfortunately it would be too much for our small team to handle if we were to make exceptions to this rule.

Support us

If you find this site useful please consider making a donation using the button on the right-hand-side of most pages, or sign up to our Patreon from just £1 per month. We’re entirely volunteer run, and any donations will be used solely towards the upkeep and marketing of the site.

We welcome questions, comments, and suggestions, so please get in touch if you have something to say to us!

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