Daniel Finlay

Daniel is a teacher and theatre director with over 25 years professional experience. He worked extensively as an actor in theatre, film and television before embarking on a career as a director and teacher. Daniel is currently head of acting at The Academy of Creative Training in Brighton, Sussex.

Website: www.danielfinlay.com

Peter Mantle

Peter Mantle of The Elliott Agency offers private one to one acting classes tailored to your needs and interests. For beginners through to professional training. £20.00 per hour. £30.00 per two hours.

Website: www.elliottagency.co.uk

Jonathan Brown

Jonathan writes, acts and directs for Something Underground Theatre Company, offering group classes in performance, a bespoke class “Creating a One Person Show”, and one-to-one, for auditions, speeches, presentations, pending performances or general performance skills. Beginners to Experienced. Jonathan’s work spans scripted, solo, ensemble, improvised.

Website: www.jonathan-brown.co.uk

Debbie Bridge

Debbie offers acting/singing coaching both as one-to-one basis and as workshops, in a supportive environment. She has over 18 years teaching experience, performed all over the world, has her own company, A’Nother Productions & teaches both in Brighton, UK and Vancouver, Canada. Check out her website for what’s happening.

Website: http://debbiebridge.com

Chris Orr

Chris can provide coaching for Shakespeare auditions or help you devise a modern monologue for audition. Chris also provides bespoke workshops for groups of actors working on individual scenes.

Website: http://chrisorr1955.blogspot.co.uk/

Dee Forrest

Dee Forrest has been an actor/singer for most of her life and now works as as an accent/dialect and voice coach. She has worked with many London drama schools. Dee has worked on stage productions and films for the U.S. and U.K film industry.

Website: www.yourvoicecoach.co.uk

Britt Forsberg

Britt is based in Small Dole and is happy to work with individuals, groups or as a dramaturg. She also has a low-cost studio space for hire.

Website: www.brittforsberg.com

Philippa Hammond

Philippa is an actor, voice artist and trainer specialising in confident public speaking skills. Learn techniques for dealing with nerves and developing confidence, plus practical sight reading skills for on-book audition, performance and audio work. Philippa offers two-hour 1-to-1 sessions, tailored to your needs.

Website: www.speakingwellinpublic.co.uk

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