Hello Brighton!

This is the blog of Luke and Pip, the artistic directors of Unmasked Theatre, an emerging company that has just moved to Brighton. Here we discuss all things theatre and performance to varying degrees of silliness.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts, rants and journeys with you!

We decided to write each other’s introductions….

Pip O’Neill

So this is Pip:

Pip is Unmasked’s resident playwright, she has just quit her 9-5 to go fully down the creative rabbit-hole. She also acts, sings, cooks casserole and reads A LOT.

Pip’s blogs:

4th November 2016: Five things you need to know before you produce a show

Luke Ofield

And here is Luke:

Luke is Unmasked Theatre’s Resident Director currently residing in Hove. Luke enjoys Italian films, walking very fast and makes an absolutely phenomenal gravy. Recent reviews of Luke’s work include: “Undeniably bold… Really gets the adrenaline pumping” “A fun and exciting dream that I didn’t want to end” “A powerful piece exploring loyalty and heroism”

Luke’s blogs:

4th November 2016: What no one tells you about outdoor theatre!


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