A number of people have asked us recently how they can get involved in BrightonActors.co.uk. Here’s the lowdown:

Join the Facebook group

We’ve deliberately set up a Facebook group, not a fan page, so that you can share useful information with us! There are a few basic rules so make sure you look over them before you post (they’re in the page description and pinned at the top of the page too), and then you can ask for advice, share useful links and articles, and tell us about your upcoming workshop/casting opportunity.

Tweet at us!

Tweet to @BrightonActors and we’ll re-tweet to all of our followers. Unlike the Facebook group, there are no restrictions on our retweets, so tweet us details of your upcoming show, your new showreel/headshots, or just show off! If it’s acting-related, and it’s in Sussex, we’ll retweet it for the (acting) world to see!

List your services here

If you offer a service that fits into one of the categories on our site, please send us 50 words about your service and a link to your website. Keep the language neutral (i.e. “The Brighton Company offers”, not “we offer”) and don’t use words that suggest that BrightonActors.co.uk endorses the service, we’ll list it right away. If you need help, just email us and we can help you write it.

Take out an advert on the site

Want to advertise your show or workshop, or put your service to the top of our page? Want to put a photo/poster with it and place it in a prime position on the site? For a negotiable donation towards site upkeep we will host an advert in any of four locations:

  • On the front page
  • In the main sidebar (appears on all pages except front page)
  • At the top of each listing category
  • In the email newsletter

Please contact us to discuss pricing and image size etc.

We average between 40-100 hits per day, although occasionally we will hit 300. We also have over 200 newsletter subscribers and our list grows every day. Remember – these are people that are specifically looking for the Brighton-based services listed on the site! You won’t get any closer to your target market!

Sign up to the mailing list

Use the form in the footer (left-hand side) of every page to sign up to the mailing list.

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