New theatre-producing workshop

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This just in from Brighton Puppetry School:

The course has come about from a desire to offer BPS students a completely rounded training – we want to support puppetry-interested artists in learning about every aspect of the craft. We invited feedback from people interest din the school out courses they’d value us running and Producing your own work came from that list.

The course is for anyone who has the ambition to produce their own work or who wants to skill up in producing work for others. We will be focusing on the small scale, that is shows for audiences of less than 250 as this is the scale most puppetry work tours at, however the skills and knowledge we’ll be exploring are useful and relevant for all forms of work at this scale.

The workshop will be tailored toward the projects – real or planned – of those attending and hopes to set them up with all the basic understanding and confidence to undertake all major tasks associated with successful producing, On this day we are going fro breadth, to introduce and demystify the range of varied skills and tasks of the producer. We will cover – Idea Development, Partnership Building, Fund-raising, Finding Your Audience, Budgeting, Putting Together a Creative Team, Marketing, Problem Solving / Crisis Management and all your questions.

The workshop will include practical exercises and games, discussion, tasks, sharing your ideas and lots of Q & A.

My hope is for everyone to leave with the confidence and clarity to head straight off and begin making their precast happen. It would be great to see some of the participants work doing well in this year’s fringe.

“Too often producing is an isolated and uncertain business. You can fall into it by accident and the responsibilities are legion, and can feel intimidating. We want this course to provide a fun, accessible and super-productive introduction to everything you need to know to begin producing effectively and with confidence. Great skills for the puppetry artist and for lots of other theatre practitioners too!”

You can find more information and book at

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