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Microphone“I haven’t got a voice reel but I really want to do some audio drama – can I send you my photos and CV?”

I’m currently casting a series of audio dramas, and it’s surprising how often actors applying for a role tell me this. We need to hear you!

As an actor you’re a one person business with one product – yourself. To succeed, you need to develop, package and market your product direct to the customer.

1] Develop your product

Reading aloud isn’t a natural skill and any actor can learn practical techniques. Keep up the classes and take every opportunity you can to develop your voice skills with practice.

2] Package your product

Get your pro voice reel together. If you don’t have one yet, kickstart it by editing suitable pieces together from existing work that showcases you. Or if you haven’t done any yet, pick out pieces from plays, magazines and adverts and record and edit them. Be proactive.

We don’t need Shakespeare or poetry – fiction, monologues, voice-overs, narrations, adverts, gaming and modern drama dialogue with you and another voice are all more useful, because they’re sellable.

If you can sing, do character voices, impressions or other accents or languages perfectly, do include them. Versatility is attractive.

Keep it short and focussed. If there’s another voice there, make sure it’s obvious which is you.

Quality matters – the best possible performance and good clean sound will all enhance your impact.

Upload your reel to your Spotlight, CCP, You Tube, Sound Cloud, personal website, etc.

3] Market your product

Get your networking, online presence and job-seeking going.

We can’t store emailed files and Dropbox and other oddities can be a pain. We need to be able to get at your voice reel instantly, so email a link to your online reel and ensure it’s easy access that doesn’t require a hunt. You don’t want to inconvenience a casting director.

If the CD’s interested, you’ll hear. But we can’t cast you in an audio project unless we can hear how you sound.

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