A podcast iconOn our Patreon page you can find three free podcasts. In them, Guy Wah interviews three distinct people of interest to actors. In the first, David Middleton from Brighton’s Bewilder Box escape room game explains what he is looking for in a game host. In the second, Christophe Philipps tells us how he is making a living from various streams of acting-related activity. In the third, Robert Cohen talks about the pros and cons of taking a one-person show on tour.

Helping actors generate income from flexible work

Each podcast sees Guy talk to people that can help with that million-pound question: How can I make a living while still remaining available for acting work? The series is a thank-you to the Patreon subscribers, who from just £1 per month are helping to keep the site free for everybody. Podcast four and onwards are only available to Patreon subscribers. Head over to the Patreon page to listen to the first three podcasts, to find out more, and to subscribe.

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