Please note that none of the developers listed are endorsed or approved in any way by Everyone is unique in their showreel needs. We recommend that you discuss your needs with agent (if you have one) and view a range of options before deciding which photographer to use.

The information provided was correct at the time of publication.

Bolt Tight Showreels

Established in 2004. Based in London, but operates in Brighton. Motto is “no M’s” – no montage, no monologues to camera, and no longer than three minutes.


Mark Snashall

Mark is a local professional cameraman and editor with over twenty years’ experience in commercial drama and corporate film and video production. He covers most of East Sussex, and can help shoot scenes from scratch as well as editing existing footage.


Battle Cry Films

A production start-up offering bespoke services including showreels, editing, headshots, personalised websites and film production. They also run showreel workshops if you do not have your own material.


Are you a showreel producer/editor? Send us a link to your work, and no more than 50 words of text, and we’ll get your details live on the site ASAP!

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