Recent updates

24th January 2017: Castings page now only lists castings that are still accepting applications. Old castings are now automatically removed at 2359hrs on the date of their application deadline.
5th January 2017:
Skills Workout page added.
15th February 2016:
Castings policy updated to emphasise that we no longer allow castings for minors.
8th January 2016:
PlayMakers (free theatre-maker meetup) page added.
7th September 2015:
Get involved page added.
5th September 2015:
Collaborations form added, front page updated, new news section added, menu structure simplified. Font resizer added.
16th August 2015:
So you want to be an actor? page added.
1st August 2015:
Brighton companies and performers at Edinburgh Fringe (2015) page added. (NB: since removed)
31st July 2015: is launched! Further updates will appear here in due course.

Planned updates

The following updates are planned for the future, with no specific timescales at present. Some of these changes require additional plugins for the site, and high quality plugins are not cheap. If you’d like to help us reach these updates earlier, please donate to the site using the button on the right hand side. Any money donated through this site will be used solely for the purposes of improving and promoting

  • A ‘collaborations’ page is currently being considered
  • A slicker look for all pages featuring listings
  • A more reliable font size increase/decrease button
  • Individual profiles for
    • Actors
    • Directors
    • Producers / theatre companies
  • Flexible non-acting work listings
  • Searchable actor directory
  • Regular newsletter
  • Networking events
  • Online seminars / expert videos
  • Audio interviews / podcasts
  • Film producer resources
  • Upcoming theatre show listings

We’re open to further suggestions, so please email us if there’s something that you’d like to see us cover here!

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